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The Role of Social Media in Education3 min read

How To Utilize Social Media For Education

by TechABU
Social Media Role In Education

Who can deny the influence and benefits of Social Media in the modern era? Social Media has made enormous contributions to the journey of the present generation to the next level. The efficiency of Social Media in the case of a single subject is not specific; instead, it is the core of many of the traditional fields which are operating in a new manner.

Social networking has led modern society in many ways. It made the relationships that were not considered to be done now very much possible and practical. This writing aims to discuss the following.

  • What Is Social Media?
  • Why Use Social Media In Education?
  • How Is Social Media Helpful In Education?
  • Comparison Of Social Media And Formal Method In Education
  • Point of View

What is Social Media?

Some people consider Social Media as a surfing platform where we spend our time uploading photos and chatting with friends and family. It’s not as simple as we think. According to a definition, “A computerized mechanism works systematically to share ideas, information, knowledge, and content with the users.”

Social Media is all about social networking, product selling, microblogging, community blogs, media sharing, forums, social connections, and other fascinating stuff.

Why Use Of Social Media In Education

Social Media has changed every way of living. Social Media is a tool that can up the education system to a more professional and modern level. Social Media is essential to break the shackles of old educational infrastructure to a new path of glory.

Almost every individual is using Social Media with no limitation of age. The young generation is more fascinated by Social Media because it has covered all the domains of life. There is a best possible way that Social Media might have a use in education.

Social Media is used by educational institutions more frequently across the globe. The aim is to establish a more advanced educational infrastructure that can fill the communication gap, access to information, the latest management theories, and other academic analysis.

How Social Media Is Helpful In Education

Social Media seems to be taking the place of pen and paper. The last educational criteria are losing their place because people, especially in academics, are now looking for more advanced and faster things to match their knowledge. Social Media is used by teachers, professors, tutors, administrators, students, and learners to shape their careers on a more straightforward track.

Social Media is helping education to cope with current issues. The use of Social Media overcomes the difficulties facing both teachers and students. The teaching-learning process is more straightforward and is not bounded by any physical limitations. Social Media helps generate a new approach and motivates the learners to ensure the platform fulfils their dreams. Here we will discuss the benefits of Social Media in education. 

#1 – Online/ Virtual Learning

The times have changed significantly in the gaining of education from the classrooms to the self living areas. People can now enroll in courses from different parts of the world. Online learning has enabled people who can’t afford physical education to have the opportunity of earning degrees from top-class institutions all over the world at affordable expenses.

Online learning is beneficial in many ways; it is cost-effective, and all you need to have is a laptop and a stable internet connection. It also involves less traveling. You need to sit in a peaceful place; either park, beach, or even a bedroom is a good option.

#2 – Learning Management System

The learning management system is the latest addition to the education structure. The learning management system is composed of a website or a mobile application that has all in one. The LMS is worthy for both the professor and student. The professor can upload lectures, video classes, assign assignments, etc. 

While on the other hand, students can access the content related to their subject and other additional information. The student can attempt quizzes, attempt question papers, discussion forums, and presentation tools. This system is a school on its own, possible by Social Media.

#3 – Larger and Efficient Connectivity

Social Media has a central role in communication and interconnectedness. Universities/colleges tend to share the latest news through Social Media. The results are sent through this facility. The student-teacher groups help improve the learning activities. 

There are online portals that work 24/7 to facilitate the problems of students. The connectivity is helping academia to thrive forward. There are discussion forums i-e, websites or groups that keep on some healthy discussions.

#4 – Sharing Information and Knowledge

The websites and digital libraries are aiming to share as much content as academics. Scientific societies all over the world are receiving an excellent response through Social Media. Researchers from all over the world submit their research work in the communities in order to motivate more and more young researchers to contribute to humanity.

The other information-sharing platforms include Slideshare. WhatsApp is among the most used Social Media to share information. Facebook pages and groups are helping inform the student and teachers of the latest news on campus. The websites provide all dimensional data to the users.

Comparison of Social Media & Formal Method in Education

The formal education system has been replaced by the new educational policies where Social Media is the core subject of this addition. The older teaching methods are not compatible with today’s fast life. The pen and paper, which were once considered the most valuable things, are now replaced by the modern Social Media system in education. 

Social Media is faster to connect with people, has ease of sharing content, is less time-consuming, and has little finance than the old academic infrastructure. The use of Social Media has enabled us to achieve many tremendous milestones that changed our lives and were satisfactory for the future.

Point of View

The need for time is that all the top-rated institutions working on 100% technology can help uplift the educational system of third-world countries. In accordance, Social Media is a game-changer for education, and education, in turn, is a central force for the development of a society.

 The students and teachers should have proper Social Media training and provide devices and a stable internet connection. Social Media is a turning point for deprived nations to come and stand with developed countries.

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