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According To Apple, Motorcycle Vibrations Can Harm iPhone Camera Systems1 min read

Motorcycle Vibration Can Damage Your iPhone Camera System

by TechABU
iPhone camera can be damaged by motorcycle vibration

According to Apple, vibrations such as those produced by motorbikes can damage iPhone camera systems.

Engine vibrations can impair optical image stabilization and closed-loop focusing systems, which assist capture crisp, sharp photos by compensating for movement.

As a result, the phones should not be connected to powerful motorcycles for navigation purposes, according to Apple’s support page.

It also recommended motorcycle and scooter owners to use “vibration-dampening mounts.”

According to the warning, “certain iPhone models’ powerful camera systems integrate technologies such as optical image stabilisation and closed-loop focussing on helping you capture stunning photos even in tough conditions.”

“These systems automatically adjust for movement, vibrations, and gravity’s impacts so you can concentrate on capturing a beautiful image.”

Long-term direct exposure to high-amplitude vibrations within specific frequency bands, according to Apple, can damage these systems’ performance, lowering visual quality.

“It is suggested that you should not expose your iPhone to prolonged high-amplitude vibrations,” the warning stated.
“While attaching your iPhone to small-volume or electric motors, such as mopeds and scooters, may result in lower-amplitude vibrations, a vibration dampening attachment is suggested to reduce the risk of harm to your iPhone.

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