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Top 5 Indian CEOs Of Top American Tech Companies1 min read

by Usama Riaz
Top 5 Indian CEOs Of Top American Tech Companies

The Indian education system is proving to be one of the best in the world. India has produced many specialists in different fields, and IT is one of them. The world-famous tech giants companies have been under the hands of Indians. The Indian graduates have a very successful rate that makes them able to work for reputed organizations.

The Chief executive officer is a person who holds the top position and status and is responsible for the structural organization and function of the company more reliably and systematically. In this article, we will be discussing the top five Indian CEOs who are currently serving multinational technology companies.

#1. Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai is an Indo-American who is currently serving as the CEO of Alphabet. Alphabet is the parent company of Google.

Full NamePichai Sundarajan
Date of Birth10 Jun 1972
Birth PlaceMadurai, Tamil Nadu, India
ParentsRegumatha Pichai (father), Lakshmi Pichai (mother)
EducationIIT Kharagpur (B-Tech), Stanford University (MS in engineering), University of Pennsylvania (MBA)
PositionCEO (Alphabet Inc. Google)
SpouseAnjali Pichai
Children2 (Kavya Pichai, Kiran Pichai)
Net Worth$1.31 billion
Twitter Followers4.2 million
ResidenceLos Altos Hills in California, USA

Famous Quote

“Wear your failures as a badge of honor.”

#2. Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella is the chairman and CEO of Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world, founded by Bill Gates.

Full NameSatya Narayana Nadella
Date of Birth19 Aug, 1967
Birth PlaceTelangana, India
ParentsBukkapuram Nadella Yugandhar (Father), Prabhavati (Mother)
EducationMIT, Karnataka electrical engineering, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (MS in computer science), University of Chicago Booth Booth School of Business (MBA)
PositionChairman and CEO (Microsoft)
SpouseAnupam Nadella
Children3 (Zain Nadella, Tara Nadella, Divya Nadella)
Net Worth$350 million
Twitter Followers2.7 million
ResidenceClyde Hill Washington, USA

Famous Quote

“Our industry does not respect tradition; it only respects innovation.”

#3. Arvind Krishna

Arvind Krishna is the chairman and CEO of International Business Machine (IBM). It is one of the largest computer manufacturing companies.

Full NameArvind Krishna
Date of Birth21 Jun 1962
Birth PlaceWest Godavari Andhra Pradesh, India
ParentsVinod Krishna (father), Arthi Krishna (mother)
EducationIIT Kanpur (B-Tech), University of Illinois (Ph.D. electrical engineering)
PositionChairman and CEO (IBM)
SpouseAnupama Arvind
ChildrenNo information
Net Worth$20.7 million
Twitter Followers36K
ResidenceOrchard Road Armonk, New York, the USA

Famous Quote

“ The only path forward is digital innovation.”

#4. Parag Agrawal

Parag Agrawal, an Indian-American, is the CEO of Twitter. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms.

Full NameParag Agrawal
Date of Birth21 May 1984
Birth PlaceAjmer Rajasthan, India
ParentsRam Gopal Agrawal (father), Shashi Agrawal (mother)
EducationIIT Mumbai (B-Tech), Stanford University (Ph.D. computer science)
PositionCEO (Twitter)
SpouseVineeta Agrawala
Children1 (Ansh)
Net Worth$12 billion
Twitter Followers531K
ResidenceSan Francisco, California, USA

Famous Quote

“ If they are not making distinctions between Muslims and extremists, then why should I distinguish between white people and racists?” 

#5. Shantanu Narayen

Shantanu Narayen has been the President, Chairman, and CEO of Adobe Inc since 2007. Adobe Inc is an American software company. 

Full NameShantanu Narayen
Date of Birth27 May 1963
Birth PlaceHyderabad Telangana, India
ParentsBrij Narayen (father), No information available (mother)
EducationUniversity college engineering, Osmania University Hyderabad (Electronics and communication engineering), Bowling Green State University (MSc computer science), Haas School of Business, University of California
PositionCEO, Chairman, President ( Adobe Inc)
SpouseReni Narayen
Children2 (Shravan Narayen, Arjun Narayen)
Net Worth$277 million
Twitter FollowersNo information available
ResidencePalo Alto, California, USA

Famous Quote

“Being transparent about our plans enables us to get better feedback.”

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