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What is Content Writing

Content writing is the art of quality writing, editing, planning, and publishing any web content or online marketing purpose. It is a form of online marketing.

Content writers are the promoter of any brand or website as they will write meaningful and quality articles for someone or a website. 

The more qualitative content they will note, the more will be the promotion and vice versa.

Content writing is an inbound online service where a person will provide different services to a person or website anytime they want.

What Does a Content Writer Do?

When people think about content writing, their first perception is that it’s all about writing articles for websites or people, and it’s a limited service.

Indeed it’s true that content writers will write an article about any topic in their way, their style. But content writing is an umbrella term that includes so many services a person can provide at a time.

A person on a website could be a blog post writer simultaneously. They could be SEO writers on another website.

 A skillful content writer has a significant role in promoting content over Google and any other platform.

The role of a content writer varies for every online platform. Most users prefer a particular platform. An article writer could perform multitasks as well.

Content writing includes:

  • Scripting Videos: Video scripting is the blueprint and foundation of a video. 

A video scripting writer will present the video scenario in terms of plot, in chronological order. Video scripting aims to manage the length, save time, plan your script, and make it catchy.

  • Blog Post: A blog post is an article or piece of writing published on the World Wide Web. It has an introduction, main body, and conclusion. A blogpost writer is known as a blogger, and a blog post must be self-published.
  • SEO Writing: SEO stands for search engine optimization. Also known as writing for SEO. SEO writing is high-quality content that ranks on top of search engines such as Google and many others. It requires high-quality copy skills and proficiency as well. To rank your content, you will use the keywords and key phrases within your content.
  • Copywriting: copywriting is a process of writing effectively and impressively about marketing materials that motivate people to take action. It is a crucial element of advertising and marketing. A copywriter must be professional because they are responsible for the article used in the marketing and promotion of a product.
  • Ghostwriting: Ghostwriting is the art of writing content or a piece of content on behalf of someone. The client will hire a ghostwriter, and the writer will write for him. Mostly they write speeches, literary, or journalistic works for clients as an author; well-known people such as political leaders, celebrities, honchos, and CEOs will need their ghostwriters. In the music industry, ghostwriters are hired to write songs and lyrics. 
  • Technical Writing: The documentation of complex technological processes includes reports, executive summary statements, and briefs. It is renowned in the fields of IT, Engineering, and Science.
  • Proofreading: Proofreading is the last step of publishing or submitting content that is already edited and organized well. So proofreading is highlighting the grammatical mistakes, formatting mistakes, or sometimes spelling mistakes within a content.
  • Email Writing: “Emails are also known as modern era letters.” Generally, it is used officially in businesses, educational institutes, and state and government departments to convey a message broadly, efficiently, and most straightforwardly. A simple email would easily catch the reader’s mind.

Aim of Content Writing

Content writing aims to provide quality information, services, and stuff about any topic, on any platform.

Remember, Google is flooded with millions of articles about a single topic and millions of content writers, so that every content writer will present their perception and services in their own way.

It is not vague that your skills and capability will define you and tend the clients to hire you.

Google will recognize the best and most meaningful articles.

Content Writing as a Career:

As a career, content writing is the best. Millions of people have chosen content writing as a career.

Google, youtube, other social media applications, and other well-recognized websites such as Fiverr and Upwork are flooded by successful content writers.

  •  Earning: In terms of earning, content writing is the very best platform where content writers make money very well. According to some stats, an ordinary content writer can earn 15$-80$ per hour. Remember, it is not the fixed pay scale of content writers. They could earn up to $40,000 monthly.

How to Write Quality Content?

Remember that Google has millions of articles about a single topic and a chunk of content writers.

As a content writer, you must develop your skills, which will let your services and article gain recognition on Google and other content writing platforms.

Some skills and procedures through which you can rank your services and content are:

  • Proper Research: As a content writer, a person must have a grip on how to search for any topic and accumulate materials to write the main article.
  • Grab The Attention: Keep in mind Google is full of articles about anything. Google will recognize your written piece if you try to catch the reader’s attention by writing uniquely and impressively.
  • Give an Example: Always try to engage your audience through practical and well-known examples. Giving examples would help the audience to understand any content easily.
  • Facts and Figures:  You must use accurate figures, try to elaborate your perception through facts, and avoid opinions.
  • Error-Free:  You must have to build strong grammar as a content writer; it will help a lot to tackle and cover grammatical mistakes. Amongst online applications, Grammarly is used while writing an article. 
  • Publish Long Content: One of Google’s policies is to prefer long content to publish quickly. Generally, the range varies from 800-1800 words that Google would like to publish. But you can write an article with less than 800 words, but it must be practical and contain keywords on search engines.
  • Be Clear: While writing an article, be to the point and avoid beating around the bush.
  • Avoid Plagiarism: As a content writer, you must avoid copying/pasting, which comes under plagiarism, and Google will never accept your article.

Be unique and use your own words related to your writing content.

This article was contributed to TechABU.co by a guest writer Faizan Ullah.

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