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Telegram Premium Subscription is Now Available, With Added Features3 min read

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Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium, a monthly membership that adds more features to the messaging app, is now available to all users.

Users that upgrade to the premium tier have access to 4GB file uploads, quicker downloads, and the option to convert audio messages to text.

Telegram has announced a series of upgrades for all users on the platform, even those who are not paying for the premium tier, in connection with the debut of the paid membership.

The company, located in Dubai, recently stated that it now has over 700 million monthly active users.

On Android, the premium membership price has yet to be disclosed. The company is most likely to use a country-by-country strategy.

Telegram Premium customers who pay a monthly membership get twice the file upload size limit, which is now 4GB, up from the previous 2GB limitation, as revealed in a blog post.

This implies that users will have more room on the app to share files and media.

Telegram users on the free tier can download large-size media and files from a Telegram Premium account that are more than 2GB in size.

Telegram Premium, on the other hand, is said to provide a speedier download experience, allowing users to view large media and files while on the go.

Users can also follow up to 1,000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 talks each, and pin-up to 10 chats in the main list with Telegram Premium.

Paid Telegram users can additionally add a fourth account to their account.

Users can also store up to 10 favorite stickers on the premium tier.

Users can also write a more extended bio with a link in the premium version.

Paid users can also add extra characters to media subtitles and react with up to 400 of their favorite GIFs.

Telegram’s premium customers can now reserve up to 20 public t.me links.

Telegram users can organize chat lists by altering the default chat folder with a paid membership.

Paid customers will be able to set a custom folder as the default destination every time they launch the app, replacing the present All Chats menu.

Premium subscribers can use the company’s transcription service to turn their voice communications into text.

Some Telegram stickers that are only available to paying users have full-screen animations.

The business also stated that various in-house artists would update the app’s premium sticker collection on a monthly basis.

On the free Telegram tier, you can see full-screen animation effects in premium stickers.

Users on the premium plan, on the other hand, can only send these stickers.

Telegram Premium customers get around 10 additional emojis in addition to the animated stickers.

Users can also set moving profile images that will animate for everyone in their chats and chat lists.

To emphasize their paid membership, each premium subscriber receives a special badge that shows next to their name in the chat list, chat headers, and member list in groups.

Telegram Premium Additional Features
(Source: Telegram)

Telegram Premium subscribers can now replace their default app icon with a premium star, night sky, or turbo-plane.

Telegram Premium subscribers will no longer see advertisements in large, public one-to-many channels.

Telegram has made changes for all its users, in addition to the upgraded experience provided to paying customers.

One of these improvements is allowing group admins to examine new members before authorizing them to write in the chat.

Users will notice a Request to Join button, which will provide admins exclusive access to invite new members to their group.

Admins can also communicate with new users to ensure they understand their groups’ rules before enabling them to send messages.

Verification badges for groups, channels, and bots associated with a well-known individual or organization have also been introduced to Telegram chats.

The app validates if a channel, bot, or public group has previously been verified on at least two social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Individual Telegram user accounts, unlike Twitter’s verification, do not currently have the option to be verified.

Developers can now include a photo or video in the “What can this bot do?” section of their bots to better define the purpose and scope of their offers on the platform.

In particular, Android users have enhanced chat previews, allowing users to view the entire conversation simply by scrolling through it using touch and hold action – without marking it as read.

You can now mark a chat as read, mute, pin, or remove it using new buttons.

Android users now can save media from users, groups, and conversations to Gallery automatically.

Telegram users on Android have also benefited from improved audio and video quality in voice and video messages.

Telegram now has better external sharing support on iOS, including an animated progress indicator.

Telegram for Mac users now has an animated profile photo maker that allows them to create creative profile pictures with stickers, animated emojis, and a beautiful gradient background.

Besides the improvements targeted at particular software platforms, Telegram claims to have implemented over 100 fixes and optimizations across all of its mobile and desktop apps.

Bug fixes and performance improvements are included in these upgrades.

Smoother animations are available on the latest iPhone and iPad devices that enable ProMotion.

It’s worth noting that Telegram explicitly said that its most recent version is being sent out gradually.

This means you might have to wait a while to obtain all the new features.

Meanwhile, Telegram revealed that its monthly active users had surpassed 700 million.

This represents a 200 million user gain in its monthly active user count since January 2021, when it topped the 500 million milestones.

Despite its expansion, Telegram remains a distant second to WhatsApp, with a global user base of over two billion.

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