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A Detailed Guide To Become a Freelance Content Writer3 min read

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The finest works of art, amusement, politics, philosophy, and lifestyle are either writing or have been written about throughout the centuries. Writing is among the most personal things you can do. Still, it’s also a fundamental ability that drives the success of virtually any organization you come across, from menus to worldwide marketing.

For someone contemplating the option of becoming a freelance content writer, that’s both thrilling and scary. You’re joining a world of greats and have a chance to be one yourself. It’s what led you to our blog after entering a search engine or glancing at a social post. Writing has brought you here, and we’ll utilize it to bring you a bit farther.

So, let’s get straight into facts you may use while choosing to become a freelance content writer.

Who Is a Freelance Content Writer?

The main job of a freelance writer is to write the stuff that your clients require. That may seem easy, but there are significant variations in writing, topic areas, preparation, and associated duties for producing that content. People hire freelance writers to write anything from novels and books to articles, web pages, news stories, and postings for social networks and in-depth reports.

You may work particularly on content created in a word processor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, or you may work inside content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. If you publish social material, you could produce it directly on a site like Facebook or Twitter or utilize social media planning tools to generate a vast collection of information at once and plan it to go out later.

Here are some of the most frequent jobs you’ll do as a freelance content writer:

  • Researching topics relevant to businesses and services
  • Writing blog articles around organizations, items, and news
  • Editing writings for clarity and appropriate grammar
  • Editing content for the duration
  • Finding images to include in content and assisting in obtaining appropriate rights and credit
  • Sharing documents with customers and receiving feedback
  • Responding to changes and providing factual evidence to support your arguments
  • Publishing social media posts and monitoring response
  • Writing emails and promotional material for clients
  • Creating plans and subject lists for upcoming projects

How Much Revenue Do Freelance Writers Generate?

Freelance writer prices and revenue vary considerably depending on your customers, kind of work, and skill. You may earn anything between a few dollars per hour to hundreds per hour or charge from $0.01 per word to more than $1 per word.

One great platform to search for employment as a freelance writer is Upwork. You’ll find that fresh writers make in the $20 to $40 per hour area. Mid-tier writers may earn up to $60 or $75 per hour. Expert writers may charge more than $125 per hour and get numerous projects.

One significant point is that some authors concentrate on fees per project instead of hourly jobs. For more meaningful tasks like research papers or recurrent packages—such as offering to write a set of three blog posts—charging a fixed fee may wind up earning you more over time as you grow quicker and more competent. A book called Writer’s Market is updated each year and may offer you up-to-date rate and price information if you’re uncertain how much to charge for the work you make.

How To Become a Freelance Content Writer?

There are several possible ways to become a freelance writer. Many great marketers and authors don’t have a formal degree in writing. They may come from backgrounds relevant to their profession (e.g., engineering) or broader fields of study where writing is helpful (e.g., psychology or the sciences). So, although we explore how to become a freelance writer, know that your path may be unique, and you can still become an outstanding wordsmith.

Here are six steps to get you started on your new professional path.

  • Study the area of content and writing
  • Choose your content area
  • Learn what you need to create content in your field
  • Acquire tools and experience writing
  • Build your portfolio
  • Start writing, presenting, and succeeding

Win Your First Customer

Many authors believe that their work will speak for itself, and they’ll get their first customer quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for most individuals. You’ll need to do more than simply produce content. You’ll need to market yourself and your skills correctly.

Landing your first customer begins with identifying the appropriate individuals searching for what you can accomplish. Get started with different freelance marketplaces to explore what’s available. Look for possibilities that you may like and can achieve. Then, put your writing talents to work and write a good proposal. When it comes to obtaining employment, this may be more essential than having the ideal writing sample.

To accomplish all of that, you’ve got to take the initial step. So, now is the time to join up with Upwork or any other freelance marketplace, create a portfolio, and begin your path to being a great freelance content writer.

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