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Best YouTube Channels To Learn Freelancing (2021)4 min read

Top YouTube Channels For Freelancers

by Usama Riaz
Top YouTube Channels For Freelancers

Freelancing is a fascinating world where you can enjoy the freedom of work from your comfort zone. The result from home in the shape of Freelancing has drastically changed the dynamics of the world more efficiently and professionally.

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So, where to learn about this most respectable profession?

You will be thinking about different platforms that are necessary for a way to dive into Freelancing. After thorough research on this chapter, I am keen to introduce YouTube fun. The skills to choose, the pros and cons, and the advanced strategies for freelancers are all packed in the YouTube universe.

In this blog, I will be focusing on the top five YouTube channels that can help generate a good income and a bit of reputation in this field.

#1 – GaryVee (CEO VaynerMedia, Public Speaker) 

GaryVee is the CEO of VaynerMedia, which is an advertising company. He is also the chairman of VaynerX. GaryVee has five times bestselling New York times magazine to his credit. He is also known for his investments in tech giants like Facebook, Tumbler, Uber, and Twitter.


GaryVee joined YouTube back in 2007. The channel has 3.38 million subscribers. The total views on GaryVee have reached 317,029,509. 

GaryVee’s YouTube channel is an excellent source for beginners. If you want to excel online, this channel will help you a lot.

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#2 – Roberto Blake (American Entrepreneur, Public Speaker)

Roberto Blake is a creative entrepreneur and a public speaker. He has been working to establish a creator economy and helping freelancers for a very long time. Roberto has made numerous videos on earning money online and enhancing the skills according to the work demand.

Roberto Blake
(Roberto Blake)

Roberto Blake joined the YouTube channel in 2009; since then, he has focused on freelancing specifically. He is also making videos on how to grow a YouTube channel.

The channel has 540K subscribers and 34,154,180 views. If you are searching for quality content related to freelancing Roberto Blake could be a good option.

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#3 – CharliMarieTV (Designer, Speaker, Writer)

CharlieMarieTV is a valuable source of learning for freelancers. She is based in the United Kingdom. Marie is a Web and Graphic designer who is working for various agencies. CharlieMarieTV provides valuable information related to Freelancing.


She is an excellent soul, and her content is quite interesting to the viewers. CharlieMarieTV started its YouTube career in 2013 and has earned 12,869,243 views on the channel so far. CharlieMarieTV has reached 204K subscriptions, which is some achievement.

CharliMarieTV explains different work resources and innovations to the online market.

It has been an excellent source for many freelancers.

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#4 – Chris The Freelancer (Web Developer, Vlogger) 

Chris The Freelancer, has started a campaign, “Digital Nomad,” to inspire all freelancers and digital enthusiasts. Chris travels to different countries and experiences the life of a “Digital Nomad.” 

Chris The Freelancer
(Chris The Freelancer)

The channel is based on distant work experiences and the future of work. He intends to acclimatize to the young generation that anybody in the 21st century can travel and work.

Chris The Freelancer, joined YouTube in 2015 with a total of 82K subscribers. The channel has got 6,374,943 viewership. If you want to travel the world and work in parallel, this is the place where you can find everything.

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#5 – Hisham Sarwar (CEO Infomist, Instructor at DigiSkills)

Hisham Sarwar has more than 20 years of experience in Freelancing. Hisham has worked for reputed clients and is considered to be one of the seasoned freelancers. He is the CEO of BeingGuru, Freelance Instructor at Pakistan’s National Training Program called DigiSkills, and Co-Founder of Pakistan’s first Freelance Platform WorkChest.

Hisham Sarwar
(Hisham Sarwar)

Hisham Sarwar is a solid instructor and motivational speaker. His videos are based on freelancing pros and cons, dealing with clients, receiving payments, blogging, digital marketing, and plenty of things.

Hisham Sarwar joined YouTube in 2006, with a total of 362K subscribers and 16,107,704 views. The channel is the best for those who are just starting their career online.

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