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Technology And Its Role In Human Health2 min read

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Technology In Health

The recent years have been remarkable in the field of human health. Technology has brought human health to the limelight across the globe. The technological advancement in the medical field has ensured how human welfare has become possible. The new techniques in medicine have saved thousands of lives. The new electronic machine helped improve the treatment of diseases that were incurable in the past. 

The pharmaceutical industries have adopted modern techniques to formulate effective medicine. Identifying new plant sources that are beneficial for the treatment of disease is a milestone in human health. The medicine manufacturing companies have developed advanced devices to check various physiological processes.

The technology revolutionized from simple tests to advanced procedures. 3-D imaging technologies have now replaced x-ray machines. The CT scan allows us to observe the anatomy more realistically. The changes in medicine have increased life expectancies. 

We will discuss some of the technologies that help bring change to the healthcare system.

Electronic Health Record

This is a structured framework that can secure records of the patients and the treatments. Many hospitals all across the world are using EHRs. This system allows all the data from the appointment to the more complex reports of a patient.

This system is efficient for the data collection and the use of this data in the future. The system is connected, allowing easy ways to share the patient treatment reports with the respective departments.

According to reports, the electronic health record system in the USA was 16% in 2009. In 2013 it reached 80%. The EHRs are highly beneficial in healthcare and brought up excellent results in a short time.


This technology is bringing the healthcare system to unity. All the information a physician needs is easily accessible via the telehealth system. The system is a bond between the patient and doctor, which is aided by the technology. The system provides support to both the patient and the physician.

Telemedicine provides an easy way to get in touch with the desired physician. This is more feasible and less costly than the direct visit to the clinic. The other benefit is that it is not time-bound; you can make your appointment.

The system brings more space in hospitals and clinics as fewer direct visits by the patient. According to an Alliance for connected care study, telehealth saves 100$ on each doctor visit.

Remote Checkups

Technology has added another feature for remote checkups. This is highly beneficial to both the patient and the physician. In a way, patients will pay less, and their transportation costs will be reduced to a significant value. The home checkups are an excellent opportunity to take as much as time.

The home health monitoring system is now actively used by millions of people worldwide. The tools bring the connectivity between the patient and the physician.

The concerned doctor analyzes the tools from home and the data from the tools to assure the patient’s treatment. The pacemakers can allow the heart patient to follow up the treatment process actively.

Portal Technology

The portal technology is based on an app or website that updates the patient and physicians related to their meetings and checkups. The portal enables video calls, audio calls, and instant messaging. The patients are linked to one another who can share their personal experiences.

The physicians have to access the patient reports. They share vital information and all the prescriptions from the [physician. The treatment of the ill person is followed by a group of doctors who actively monitor the patient’s treatment.

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