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10 Tried-and-True Tactics To Grow Your Blog Organic Traffic3 min read

by TechABU
How To Grow Your Blog Organic Traffic

Every business owner who has ever maintained a blog has faced the frustration of seeking to attract readers. Even though we’d all prefer it if readers just appeared on their own, the truth is that building an audience requires some effort.

It’s simple to get disappointed and give up on blogging, but once you start enjoying the benefits, you’ll see how important it is for your business. 

By driving traffic to your website, developing a social media following, and leaving a positive first impression on potential customers and clients, your blog can significantly influence your company.

Here are ten tried-and-true tactics to help you grow your blog’s traffic.

#1. Write More and Publish Frequently:

According to studies, the more frequently you update your website, the more visitors it will get. Google prioritizes websites with new content more highly, so updating your blog at least twice a week can help you stand out from the search engines.

#2. Write About Topics That People Search For:

It might be easy to write about anything that sparks your interest, whether it’s the trendiest issue in your field, recent events, or even simply a rant. These entries, however, have a limited shelf life.

Soon after publishing, you might see an increase in traffic. But your blog’s audience will vanish completely as soon as the news, craze, or fad loses its attraction.

The solution? Write about topics that are everlasting and interesting.

You’ll get regular and passive organic search traffic as long as your content is ranked on Google for relevant search terms.

#3. Write Appealing Post Titles:

Your blog article titles are almost as crucial as the actual content. This is because titles guide potential readers in determining whether to click and continue reading. The article titles you encounter on magazine covers should catch your attention. They attract readers in with assurances and answers. You’ll get more readers if you follow suit.

#4. Decide On Your Niche:

Although you could be interested in Fitness, Tourism, or sea life, your content doesn’t have a clear niche, so your audience won’t understand it. Determine your target audience, the type of content they want to read, and the exact messages you want to get through.

#5. Include High-Quality Relevant Graphics:

According to studies, including relevant graphics in blog articles increases viewership and engagement. A photo improves the post’s aesthetic appeal and helps your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) by allowing you to add keywords to the image’s Alt Image tag.

Remember that you risk breaking copyright laws if you just download any picture from Google. Find royalty-free pictures on websites like Clipart, Pixabay, Canva, Unsplash, and many others.

#6. Include a Relevant Video:

One of the many reasons that videos might increase traffic to your website is that Google owns YouTube. Add brief, engaging videos to your site’s posts to complement the written information there.

Many people don’t want to read a long article; instead, they prefer watching a 4 to 5 minutes video that solves their problems in a go.

#7. Use The Power Of Social Media Effectively:

Share every new blog article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Social media platforms may become some of your top traffic sources if you put effort into growing your networks and sharing excellent content.

#8. Get High Authority Backlinks:

Backlinks have a significant role in Google ranking. How are we aware?

In 2016, Andrey Lipatsev from Google stated as much. The correlation between backlinks and organic traffic was also confirmed by Ahrefs of more than a billion web pages:

But the question is how someone will get more backlinks to their sites. The answer is simple; you’ve to build them. There are several methods for getting links, but guest blogging is one of the best methods to get a link to your site from others quickly.

#9. Start Guest Posting:

Find blogs your intended audience reads and offer to submit guest blog articles. If the site has a significant following, you can expect that viewers will be interested in reading more of your content.

This is, again, some kind of promotion of your blog on someone else popular blog. You are not just promoting yourself but also offering valuable content on other sites.

#10. Invest In Marketing:

Running ads is the most straightforward technique to increase your blog’s traffic. You can buy traffic from a platform and receive it nearly instantaneously.

If you think your audience is spending more time on Facebook, consider investing in sponsored posts from time to time. You can “Boost” a post and greatly expand its audience for as little as $10.

You can run advertising on other platforms in addition to Facebook. Using Quora, Twitter, or display advertising can also be effective.


Do these tactics actually work? Definitely!

However, consider it this way:

You get search traffic when your website ranks on Google for your desired keywords. You can increase traffic to the following posts if you convince those visitors to join your email list. Additionally, you could rank better on Google more quickly if any of these people link to your content.

Apply these strategies if you want to increase your blog traffic swiftly.

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