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Users Can Now remove unwanted Followers from Their Twitter Account1 min read

You Now Have Control Over Your Followers On Twitter

by TechABU
Remove Followers Twitter Tool

Twitter is launching a new privacy tool that allows users to remove someone from their following without banning them. The most recent feature, which is now only available on the Web, gives users more control over their following lists. Since September, Twitter has been experimenting with this option. 

When someone is removed from a Twitter user’s following list, the user’s tweets will no longer display in their timeline. According to the social media platform, the followers that a user removes with the new tool will not be alerted of the change.

Twitter’s support account, @TwitterSupport, announced the implementation of this new feature. According to the microblogging company’s latest update, users will be able to curate their own list of followers. On their profile page, Twitter users can remove anyone from their following list. 

To do so, go to Followers, then to the three-dot button next to a follower’s name, and then to Remove this follower. Your tweets will no longer appear in their feed regularly. A follower that you remove will not be alerted of the change, as previously indicated.

It’s essential to understand the difference between blocking and deleting a Twitter follower. After you remove a follower, they will no longer see your tweets in their feed, but they will have the opportunity to re-follow you if they so want. Blocking someone prevents them from accessing your profile in any way.

Twitter has lately introduced a slew of new features. The most recent addition is part of a suite of privacy features that the company has developed since September. Twitter previously stated that it is working on a safety feature that would allow users to temporarily block accounts for seven days if they use abusive language or send unwanted replies on the network. 

Twitter has just begun testing a new feature that allows users to get a sense of a discussion before joining it to increase social privacy and minimize harassment on the network. The new ‘prompts’ tool will alert users before they engage in a potentially heated chat. It will be shown beneath specific tweets on the site so that people may take note of it before digging into the replies.

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