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Instagram Now Allows Everyone To Add Links In Their Stories1 min read

You Can Now Add Your Website Links To Your Instagram Stories

by TechABU
Links In Instagram Stories

Instagram Link Stickers, which allow users to put websites in their Stories as stickers, are now accessible to everyone on the popular photo-sharing platform.

On October 27, the Facebook-owned social media site revealed the news through Twitter. Instagram began testing Link Stickers in June, but the functionality was only available to verified accounts or those with a significant number of followers until today.

Link Stickers, according to the social media giant, can be used by anyone, from companies linking to their products to activists linking to other sites. However, Instagram claims that link sharing may help anybody interact with their followers. Accounts that consistently share false information or hate speech will be denied access, according to the statement.

When the Link Stickers feature was first revealed in June, Instagram made it clear that it was exclusively intended for Stories posts and that it had no intentions to expand it to the main Instagram feed or other portions of the program. That is still the case now.

Swipe up, which was how Instagram users could previously connect out to external web pages from their Stories and was stopped in August, has now been completely replaced with Link Stickers.

On the other hand, Link Stickers are now more readily available than swipe up, which was previously only available to verified accounts or accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

How to add a Link Sticker on Instagram Stories?

  1. After you’ve finished uploading content for a new Story, go to the sticker tool in the top navigation bar.
  2. Enter the URL you want to share in the Link sticker.
  3. Place and adjust the Link Sticker on your Story as needed.

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