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Adults Can’t Message Teenagers Who Don’t Follow Them On Instagram1 min read

by TechABU

According to official sources, Instagram has unveiled a series of features and regulations to improve the social media app’s security and functionality. They created these policies to minimize the connection between teens and adults and safeguard young people.

Instagram will now prevent adults from sending messages to anyone under 18 who are not following them, thanks to a new feature.

“As we go to end-to-end encryption, we’re investing in technologies that preserve privacy & keep people secure without reading the content of DMs,” Instagram executives said in a blog post.

According to reports, the popular social networking site plans to utilize triggers or safety warnings to encourage adolescents to be cautious while conversing with adults they already follow. When an adult who has been displaying potentially suspicious behavior intermingles with them in DMs, security alerts will be sent to the young person.

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