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10 Proven Social Media Tips To Help Small Businesses Grow3 min read

by TechABU
Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

Social media marketing can be a wonderful tool for small company owners to interact with leads and consumers. Managed properly, it can make sales soar. Some entrepreneurs have even established a whole company on a social media platform, like Rachel Dunston, the creator of Rachel Bakes More Cake, who built a flourishing cake business on Instagram. But if you’re not cautious, it may be a distracting time drain or even boomerang by losing potential customers.

Ten small business professionals who share methods for small company owners to cultivate a strong social media presence.

1. Lead With Goals

Begin with your top 3 marketing goals, then assess how digital networks may assist you in accomplishing them. Too many company owners fall into the mindset that ‘I have to be there. I must be in all these new locations, or I’ll be left behind.’ 

But social media needs to assist you in achieving your goals, or you’re simply wasting time. Don’t consider social media as simply a megaphone for your company, but consider how it might assist you in achieving your goals.”

2. Build Your Influence

Being a business owner, I think that you can’t over-invest in your LinkedIn presence in 2018. This also applies to anybody seeking to improve their career or success, especially those who work in sales or marketing. Concentrating on increasing audiences and interaction on LinkedIn may improve sales and revenue growth. It will also drive toward great possibilities for partnership.

As someone who transforms entrepreneurs become media personalities, I recommend that LinkedIn is also great for garnering great possibilities to be regarded as the go-to expert for your field. Authority is money. The more it is you have, the more you can profit in on chances for development of all sorts.

3. Start A Discussion

The crucial part with Facebook is to understand that the algorithm they employ favors postings that have engagement. If a company publishes anything, but no one replies, then Facebook won’t display it to anybody. They’re attempting to keep visitors on their site, and they can only accomplish so by displaying articles and stories that people find engaging. 

It’s about to become tougher since Facebook stated they’re going to be altering their algorithm. They’ll now prefer material from friends above businesses and other sites.

The idea is to pose questions and react to the replies. A car salesperson could publish a photo of someone purchasing their first vehicle, and, yes, it’s engaging enough. However, if they turn around and ask people, ‘What was your first vehicle?’ they have an opportunity to get people to say, and then they can react. To the individual who replied to the question, it isn’t a car salesman. It’s a car dealer who knows his first vehicle.

4. Express Gratitude

The essential aspect of social media is that it’s not about you! Social networking is not a speech where you show the public the honors you’ve received or the great discounts on your goods and services. It’s a chance for you to engage, in a meaningful way, with the individuals who have supported you and encouraged you in business. 

If you think about the 10 to 20 most significant individuals in your business environment, social media enables you to acknowledge and appreciate them for assisting you along the road. You may reward them by acknowledging their tweets and posts: like, subscribe, and spread their messages. It’s your way of describing love and saying thank you. More significantly, they will appreciate the thought and continue supporting your efforts.

5. Stand Yourself

Social media is personal. It’s your brand first and your profession or company second. You need to express your character. Get above the noise. Be distinctive. You wouldn’t have to wear a superhero costume like me, but you need to stand out and be recognized in the form of social media noise.

6. Have A Clear Objective

Advertising on Facebook may be profitable, but it will need a commitment in both money and time, and there’ll be a learning process. Know precisely what you are attempting to achieve: revenue, leads, or both? Eliminate “dopey” statistics like likes, followers, or impressions. Use Facebook pixel or Facebook lead advertising so you can monitor and measure outcomes

7. Conquer On One Social Platform

Find out where your target market spends time on the internet. Then select one social network and reign on that one. Establish your profiles on the other platforms, but spend most of your attention on that one.

8. Create A Schedule

Scheduling your social media efforts will enable you to publish consistently—and achieve more accurate results. You can develop a plan and achieve greater outcomes with less work and exertion. You may choose which tasks to automate and delegate, whether that’s to an employee or contractor.

9. Be Creative

Attention spans are limited, so be sure to include images and videos in your social post. It will increase interaction and is ideal for companies with goods to show off. If you run a service-based company, try a picture with words or a photo that compliments your content. And don’t ignore visually-oriented sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

10. Don’t Attempt It Yourself.

As a business owner, your time is limited, so outsource social media duties to someone (or a group) in your firm or hire an outside specialist. Then add the cost of your social media plan to your budget.

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