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What is VPN and How It Works?3 min read

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What Is VPN

In this modern world, we need to understand networking sites and how to access them. Nowadays, surfing the Internet has become popular and easily accessible to all.  

People worldwide navigate using the browser from one page to another. However, some sites, pages, and websites of other regions may not be available in ours, and there are enough ways to meet and consume online content like VPN.

Would you like to know how it is possible to use a “VPN“?  

If the Internet Service Provider (ISP) starts slowing down your connection or the authorities may have blocked or restricted the services, then you may find yourself in need of a VPN.  

Still, many people are unaware of this term called VPN. The increasing popularity of VPN puts up the question of what a VPN is and whether one can use it or not.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network,” commonly known as ‘VPN’ extends a private network across a public network as it connects directly to private networks and allows the users to send and receive data all around the world.  

VPN is nothing but a privacy tool. It’s completely free to use depending upon countries’ rules and regulations regarding the use of VPNs.  

It may be used by industries such as Health Care, manufacturing, retails, banking, financial, and general business as it provides Security.  

Why Do People Use VPN?  

A VPN provides a secure network, and it also has many other benefits that make this service worth using.  

Here I’m going to mention some top reasons people turn to VPNs in their homes or business lives.  

Safe & Secure:  

The foremost important reason that people use VPN is its safety feature. It provides an encrypted tunnel for transferring data to and from your device and the host site. Surprisingly, your internet service provider ISP cannot access your data or track your activities.  

Whatever the purpose of your surfing the Internet, entertainment or sharing important files, etc., everything is end-to-end encrypted with a VPN. So, you don’t have to panic about hackers and cybercriminals.  

Fine Streaming And Easy Downloading  

As the Internet has become a major entertainment source, people don’t want to miss out on their favorite shows while living abroad, so installing a VPN is a key tool to access free, fast, and reliable connections.

Not all VPN servers are equal, so some need to be picky about choosing which is good. You can also freely play games using a VPN, even in a restricted region. It may also allow you to download files through a VPN connection via BitTorrent with a fast speed.


Another important reason people choose to use a VPN is that it respects and preserves your anonymity. VPN allows its users to explore the Internet from different servers. This method manages all the network traffic from the server, and your location and identity remain unidentified even to the organizer’s site. It can also help protect you from targeted cyber-attacks, and no one can trace your information using your details.

Even if you land on any malicious website while using a VPN, your ISP will still be secured. Numerous VPN providers promise to provide complete confidentiality. Some may provide their services free, while others may charge a nominal fee for their service.  

Breaking Censorship Restrictions  

The Global Network System provides endless entertainment and information sources, but these sources aren’t available for all regrettably. Most of the contents are restricted as per government authorities of the specific region. This means that they make sure that content is available only for the users living in specific geographical locations and is denied to the users from other parts of the world.  

Therefore, VPN allows the users to go beyond the censorship restrictions and make the content available in any part of the world.  

How Does The VPN Connection Work?  

Whenever you’re logging in through the Internet, you’ll be connecting to your Local Network, i.e., ISP (Internet Service Provider). This welcome’s you to the online world!

Connecting through VPN saves your data as it moves from your laptop, tablet, or mobile. A VPN tunnel encodes the data, and your ISP will no longer monitor your history or data. They can’t see your activity online as it’s rooted through the VPN servers.

The beneficial part is that with the help of a VPN, we can easily access the restricted content.  

Whoever tries to pry through a hacked WiFi may only see you’re connecting through a VPN, not your ISP, and cannot read your data.  

Some of the best VPNs for 2022 are listed below:

  • Tunnelbear  
  • ExpressVPN  
  • StrongVPN  
  • NetCapsule VPN  
  • Surf Shark VPN  


As described above, it is crystal clear that a VPN is beneficial and provides you access to restricted content. Many ordinary users and companies need internet access; this VPN provides the best combination of security and private networking capabilities.

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