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Difficulties Faced By Technology Startups3 min read

by TechABU

There are 150 million startup businesses in the world now, with 50 million new businesses starting every year. On average, approximately 137,000 companies launch every day. These are enormous numbers by any measure.

But the issue remains, how many companies tend to withstand the rapid transformational changes that have altered the very essence of today’s startups?

Yes, there is a significant paradigm change. And that change has impacted the entire functioning of startups.

Difficulties are everywhere. And companies – in general, and startups in particular – are no exception to a multitude of challenges that we face today.

I will not go into depth about what a startup business is and how it operates; we all know that. In this specific article, I will expand on some of the most significant difficulties encountered by small company founders.

Difficulties Posed by Startups

Following are some of the most common challenges faced by new startups.

1. Tough Competition

The business world is quite challenging. There is always a rivalry going on amongst the giants. The competition presents one of the most significant obstacles to the sustainability of new companies. And if you have an internet company beginning, the competition becomes more arduous.

The competitive climate keeps the entrepreneurs on their toes since there is no margin of error left. Both B2B and B2C companies always seem to feel the heat of the intense rivalry. To thrive in this competitive business climate that includes both conventional and internet companies, the startups need to aggressively and punch above their weight to acquire the much-needed attention amongst the clusters of constantly challenging and growing enterprises.

2. Impractical Expectation

Success doesn’t come alone. It carries expectations with it. Most of the time, but the term’s true meaning is simply unrealistic. This same principle holds for new businesses.

Startups tend to encounter difficulties when they establish ‘unreasonable expectations’ after a spectacular success. Remember, the achievement is short-lived, and aspirations never cease. This is where entrepreneurs need to understand what the real ambitions are? Durability is the name of the game. And durability requires continuous efforts.

To thrive in a competitive business environment, entrepreneurs need to have high but regulated expectations, maintaining the resources available, the amount of potential growth, and other market variables.

3. Hiring Qualified Candidates

One of the most significant elements determining organizational culture inside a new business is the team’s synergy. A team consists of people with comparable skills and the same concentration. To create a highly effective team culture, companies in general – and startups in particular – need to recruit appropriate people.

There is a large pool of ambitious people accessible. Selecting a suitable applicant that matches the job closely enough is a tough assignment. It is one of the most significant difficulties confronting new companies in this digital era. When recruiting a suitable applicant, businesses must observe one golden rule: Birds of a feather flock together.

4. Partnership Strategic Thinking

The partnership is the key to success. And this reasoning remains true for businesses as well. In this ever-expanding and ever-changing digital age, startups also find it challenging to find trustworthy partners when companies need to fight hard for their existence. It’s a massive problem for entrepreneurs nowadays. And as far as IT companies are concerned, stakes in collaboration are considerably more significant for them.

Going into a partnership offers tremendous benefits for businesses. Still, they need to examine several criteria before making any choice to cooperate with another firm operating in the same industry. To wring the most advantages out of a collaboration, new companies should seek organizations with a solid position within the market and a solid reputation among those industry giants.

5. Financial Planning

Money generates money. Remember the fact that as income rises, the expenses likewise increase. There is no question about that. One of the most significant difficulties that startups confront nowadays pertains to financial management.

It is a reality that small firms depend significantly on financial backing from the so-termed investors. At times, when there is a cash inflow, small businesses, most notably startups, tend to find it very hard to manage their finances properly, and they bog down under strain.

To handle this type of scenario, startups need to play a safe and cautious hand by holding all the cards close to their chests. Taking assistance from a reputable financial consulting company may help out in handling financial problems confronting today’s new companies.


Well, this takes us to the conclusion of this article. It is a truth that there is no one-stop answer to the surmounting difficulties confronting businesses in this era. You don’t have a magic stick either that can assist you to overcome the so-called problems fast.

To confront and handle the so-called difficulties of a hostile business environment, entrepreneurs need to be strong and concentrate on maintaining their ethics intact despite all obstacles. I have just addressed five of the significant difficulties confronting businesses in this era. Now, it’s your time to add this article with your thoughts and ideas in the comments area below.

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